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About the Author

I am the award-winning children’s book author of  GG Life Lesson Storybook Series ® books; Cleans House - Learning Teamwork,

GG Meets Her Match - Becoming Forever Friends, GG Asks, “Is Jesus In Your Class?” - Seek, Know, Guide, Inspire, and GG Takes Action - Practicing Health Safety.

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Finding Inspiration From My Parents

  • My parents worked several jobs to support me and my sister, while also attending school at night to earn their college degrees.
  • They made sacrifices to ensure that my siblings and I received a good education.
  • Because of them, I learned the importance of school and developed an undying passion for education.


  • I received my upper-level education at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.
  • I graduated with an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction (mathematics and chemistry).
  • I graduated with an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering.
  • I earned a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Tyler.

Career Experience

  • I was a teacher at St. Gregory Catholic School and Bishop T. K. Gorman Catholic High School in Tyler, Texas.
  • I am a registered professional engineer for the State of Texas.
  • I established and managed for over 30 years an oil and gas corporation based in Tyler, TX, TP Exploration, Inc.

Career Awards

  • Recipient of the Texas A&M University 2021 Aggie Women Legacy Award.

What Drives Me

  • I recognized the value of creating an appreciation for one’s education at an early age.
  • With my books, I hope to share my endless enthusiasm for learning.
  • I believe “your education belongs to YOU, to encourage YOU, to become that special YOU, to share with others.”

What I Do in My Spare Time

My Hobbies

        • Cooking
        • Dabbling in Arts and Crafts
        • Horseback Riding
        • Playing the Guitar

Volunteer Work

  • I love to volunteer at church gatherings and school booster club functions.
  • I assist at the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) statewide athletic events.

About My Family

I reside in Tyler, Texas with my family and friends, with Leo, GG’s best friend forever, and my always entertaining, deeply inspirational and truly beloved GG.

Turning My Dream Into Reality

I have always wanted to write children’s books since my early adult years but life took different turns until now. Life’s path came around, the time was right, GG entered my life and inspired me to write and take that “Leap of Faith” to publish the manuscripts. At this time, two manuscripts are published and I look forward to being blessed to publish more. I believe reading GG Life Lesson Storybook Services ® helps others along their daily life journeys.

My Publisher

The GG Life Lesson Storybook Series ® is published by Fulton Books. Fulton Books showcases the GG Life Lesson Storybooks Series at world-renowned book expos in New York City, NY, Frankfurt, Germany and other area expos.

Mission Statement

I believe “your education belongs to YOU, to encourage YOU, to become that special YOU, to share with others.”

Author’s Page on Amazon

You can learn more about me on my author’s page on

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GG Life Lesson

Storybook Series ®